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4.2 Recent Program Users

The second tabbed section on you Program page is Recent Program Users. This section lists the first 5 program users in alphabetical order. This list includes the user’s name, program, role, job title, phone number, and email address.

4.2.1 Viewing All Program Users

Click the View All tab to the right of the Recent Program Users tab to view all users within your program. A list of users (in alphabetical order by last name) will appear, as well as a search box that can help you easily locate a user in your program.


4.2.2 Searching for Program Users & Viewing a Program User’s Profile

To search for a program user and view their profile:

1.      Select Program from the top navigation menu.

2.      Click the View All tab to the right of the Recent Program Users tab.


1.      Select the Search Program Users Quick Link.

2.      On the Program User Search page, you can search by user last name, first name, and role within the ASQ Online system. Enter in the information into the appropriate search field.

3.      Click the Search button.

4.      Once you have located the user you are looking for, click on the user’s name to view his or her profile.

NOTE: When searching by first or last name, entering in a single letter will yield search results that contain that letter (e.g., if you enter “k” in the first name field, you will return results for each user who has a “k” in his or her first name, such as Kim and Derrick).


TIP: By simply selecting “Provider” from the Role drop-down menu, you can easily generate a list of all Providers within your program. This works for each ASQ Online role.

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