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8.3 Troubleshooting Common Import Errors

The table below lists some common import errors that may occur, and some tips on correcting those errors. 

Import Error Message

Reason for Error Message

How to Correct the Import File

Upload file name indicates you imported a non-CSV file

You attempted to upload a file type other than CSV (comma separated value).

Be sure the file you upload for import is a CSV (comma separated value) file, and that it matches the Data Template.


Upload is a malformed CSV file

The file you uploaded doesn’t match the corresponding Data Template.

Make sure that the import file you are uploading matches the Data Template. Your Account Administrator may have created custom fields for the Child and/or Caregiver Profile. Download the Data Template and make sure it matches the columns in the import file you attempted to upload.


Upload file name indicates you used the wrong import template

The import type you selected from the drop-down menu and the import file you attempted to upload do not match.


Check and make sure that the import type and the file you uploaded match.

Field name cannot be left blank

A field that is required is blank in your import file.

Any fields that are required must be completed in order for your file to be imported correctly. See Section 7.6.4 for a list of required data fields.


Value is not recognized

The value entered for the data field is not valid.


See Section 7.6.4 for a list of the valid formats for the data fields.


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