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12.3 Report Guidelines

When running reports with ASQ Online, there are many ways to generate any one report, so that the report includes as much or as little information as you would like. Each report has its own set of criteria that can be narrowed down to include the information most relevant to your report. These criteria are listed on the report generation page of each report as fields or drop-down menus. You will have the option to include child profile fields and child custom fields for many of the screening reports.  Please note that if the "Include child profile fields" option is selected, you will not have the Download PDF option as it compromises the formatting.  You will still have the option to Download as a CSV and/or Preview.

Leaving a field or drop-down menu blank, prior to generating a report, indicates that you would like to see all data pertaining to that field.


For example: If you leave the Providers field blank when generating a report, the report you generate will include data associated with all Providers in your program.


(NOTE: If you run a report and see “NO PROVIDER” listed in the report - that indicates that the Provider who conducted the screening for that child is no longer assigned to that child as their Provider.)

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