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7.2 Account-to-account Transfer

As Account Administrator, you can request a child transfer to another account in ASQ Online. This transfer will be done at the System Administrator level following a request.

To request an account-to-account transfer:

1.  Select Child Profiles from the top navigation menu.

2.  You will be taken to a list of Child Profiles within your account. The Child Profiles section will list the name of the child, the Child ID, the Alt. ID, the child’s Date of Birth (DOB), and the child’s current program.

3.  Locate the child (or children) you would like to transfer.

a.   You can search for the child by using the Child Profile Search section at the top of the page. You can search by Child last name, Child first name, Child ID, Alt. ID. and/or Program. Or, you can simply locate the child from the Child Profiles list.

4.  Click the Add to Transfer link next to the child (or children) you would like to transfer.

a.   You can transfer multiple children at one time. If you are transferring more than 1 child to the same account, click the Add to Transfer link next to each child you wish to transfer to that account.

5.  After selecting the children you are transferring, click the Start Transfer button at the bottom of the page. (NOTE: You will notice that the Start Transfer button includes the number of children you have selected to transfer. For instance, if you have selected 5 children to transfer, the button will say Start Transfer (5).)

6.  You will be taken to the Start Transfer page. From this page you can transfer to another program in your account, or you can request a transfer to another account.

7.   Underneath “To another account” enter the Account Name and the Program Name where you would like this child (or children) to be transferred.

8.    If you don’t wish to proceed with this transfer request, click the Cancel button. You will be taken back to the Child Profiles page.

9.   If you wish to proceed with this transfer, click the Request Transfer button.

10.  You will be taken back the Child Profiles page. You will receive a message that the transfer has been requested.

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