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7. What is a Family Access landing page?

The Family Access landing page is the website where caregivers will be directed when accessing the Family Access URL provided to them by your program. It is through the Family Access landing page that caregivers access the ASQ questionnaire online, and enter screening information for children.

A Family Access landing page includes the following information: program logo, program address information, welcome message, ASQ-3 or ASQ:SE questionnaire information summary, consent paragraph, and optional footer logos.

When a caregiver visits a Family Access landing page, he or she is first asked to enter his or her child’s birth date and weeks premature. This will prompt the system to generate the questionnaire for the child’s recommended interval. When the caregiver selects the link to enter their child’s screening information, they are instructed to enter the child’s demographic information and their own demographic information, as well as their relationship to the child. The caregiver then confirms the screening interval they completed for their child and enters the screening results and any notes in the overall section. The caregiver then submits the questionnaire to your program. 

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