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1. I would like ASQ training for a few people in my organization, but we cannot afford to bring a speaker to our site. Are there any seminars that we can attend?
2. I have been using ASQ-3 and/or ASQ:SE-2 for several years, and would like to train others in my organization, community, city, or state on how to use it. Can I do that?
3. I am presenting an ASQ-3 training next month. How do I obtain permission to distribute photocopies of one of the questionnaires to seminar participants?
4. I want my staff to be trained on ASQ-3 and/or ASQ:SE-2. Who is qualified to provide training?
5. Is training for ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 available?
6. My organization will soon begin to use ASQ-3 and/or ASQ:SE-2, and would like to schedule a seminar. At what point should we schedule our seminar?
7. My organization would like to implement ASQ-3 and/or ASQ:SE-2. Do we need training to use it correctly?

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