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ASQ Online

1. What is ASQ Online?
2. How does an ASQ Online subscription work?
3. What is the difference between ASQ Pro and ASQ Enterprise?
4. What is ASQ Hub?
5. Can parents complete the ASQ-3 or ASQ:SE questionnaires online?
6. Can parents or caregivers access their child’s records in the ASQ Online system?
7. What is ASQ Family Access?
8. Can I purchase only ASQ Family Access?
9. How do parents or caregivers use Family Access?
10. Is there a limit to the number of users for one ASQ Online account?
11. Why are the dates in my ASQ Online Account (YYYY/MM/DD)?
12. What is an ASQ keycode?
13. How do I use the ASQ keycode?
14. How many keycodes do I need?
15. Where do I find the ASQ keycode?
16. Can I share my keycode with other sites?
17. Does my ASQ keycode give me access to all ASQ questionnaires online?
18. What do I do if my ASQ keycode is missing or lost?
19. What if my ASQ keycode is not working?
21. What are My Alerts, and how do I set alert messages?
22. My program has its own logo. How do I upload my logo to include on documents?
23. Why can’t I create a screening in ASQ Online?
24. How do I log off ASQ Online?
25. Can I add other test data into the ASQ Online system, such as M-CHAT results?
26. How can I find all of my complete and incomplete screenings in ASQ Online?
27. Can I make changes to a questionnaire in ASQ Online after it is finalized?
28. What reports are available in ASQ Online?
29. What predefined ASQ Online roles and permissions can be set for each user?
30. What are the rights and permissions for the ASQ Online Account Administrator role?
31. What are the rights and permissions for the ASQ Online Program Administrator role?
32. What are the rights and permissions for the ASQ Online Provider role?
33. What are the rights and permissions for the ASQ Online Reviewer role?
34. Do I need to be a user in more than one ASQ Online account if I work with more than one program or school?
35. Who can view or modify ASQ Online child records?
36. Will the child data I enter into ASQ Online be used for any other purposes?
37. Who can view My Profile page besides me?
38. How do I know my data is protected in the ASQ Online system?
39. Can I share my ASQ Online password with other professionals or parents?
40. How do I ensure that no one overwrites child data I enter into the ASQ Online management system without my knowledge?  
41. How can I see who else has edited or modified a child record of a child I am assigned to?
42. What do I do if I can’t locate the ASQ Online child record for a child I am working with?
43. How is child data kept secure in ASQ Online?

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