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3.1 Home Page

Immediately after you log in to your ASQ Online account, you will be directed to your Home page, which is personalized according to your role within the system. It is from this page that you will have quick access to the important information you need to manage your ASQ Online account, including Provider Snapshot, Announcements, Resource Corner, and Quick Links.

Provider Snapshot

On the bottom left corner of your Home page is the Provider Snapshot section. Within this section you can see up-to-date stats, including the total number of Child Profiles and number of finalized screenings.


At the top of your Home page, you will see the Announcements section. Here, the ASQ Online Implementation team will provide news and updates on new ASQ Online features, information on professional development as well as tips and tricks for using the online system.

Resource Corner

The Resource Corner will highlight a video or resource on ASQ and/or the ASQ Online system.


On the upper right corner of your Home page is a Help icon. Selecting the icon will take you to the specific section of the online user manual.



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