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3.4 Your Role: Program Administrator

As Program Administrator, you are responsible for managing all facets of your program. Enterprise Account Administrators are responsible for creating programs and assigning Program Administrators like yourself, but you are responsible for setting up your program, creating your program’s users, and setting screening preferences. Program Administrators can enter screenings for a specific child and also have a supervisory role in that you have the ability to view all screenings entered in your program and generate reports based on those screenings.

If you are the Program Administrator of a Pro account, you are the sole administrator, and it is your job to manage the program.

You also have the ability to create tasks for yourself and other program users, as well as the ability to create and organize documents and other materials that your program uses for screenings, follow-ups, and referrals.

If you are a Family Access subscriber, as Program Administrator you will be able to create your Family Access pages. You will also be responsible for deciding to accept or reject screenings that are sent to your program through Family Access, and assign those screenings to other program users (Providers) for their review.

In short, you have a very important job within ASQ Online. Throughout the remainder of this manual, you will learn how to perform all the functions of a Program Administrator and how to use this supervisory role as a mechanism to evaluate your program’s performance, and the performance of the children your program has served.

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