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3. I'm a Program Administrator. How do I import data?

As Program Administrator, you have the ability to import child, caregiver, and screening data directly into your ASQ Online account. You can import data using Data Templates available directly from ASQ Online. The Data Templates can also be used to update existing child, caregiver, and screening data.

To import a data file:

1.      Select Program from the top navigation menu.

2.      Select the Import Data Quick Link.

3.      From the “Import type” drop-down menu, select the Data Template you wish to use for importing. (Example: Child and Caregiver Profile Data Template.)

4.      From the “Date format” drop-down menu, select the date format used in the document you are importing.

5.      Click the Browse button to select the file you wish to import, from your computer.

6.      Once the file has been selected, click the Import button.

You will receive a confirmation message that the file has imported successfully. If the import was not successful, you will receive one or more error messages. The error message will detail why the import did not work. Correct the errors and try uploading the import file again. 

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