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6.5 Deleting a Screening

From a Child Profile, you can delete any incomplete or complete screening for that child.

To delete a screening:

1.      Select Child Profiles from the top navigation menu.

2.      Browse the Child Profiles list or search for a Child Profile.

3.      Click on the child’s name to access his or her profile. 

4.      Locate the screening you want to delete in the Child Screenings list.

5.      Select the Delete link next to the screening you would like to delete.

6.      A pop-up window will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete the screening. 

7.      Click OK to proceed with deleting the screening.

NOTE: Once a screening is deleted, it cannot be retrieved, so please use caution in deleting screenings.

NOTE: Deleting a screening has no impact on Screens Used. When you finalize a screening, you are charged for that screening and that screen is counted as having been used. It is still included in that count if deleted. There is no refund for deleted screens.

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