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8.3 A Caregiver's View of a Family Access Landing Page

When a caregiver visits a Family Access landing page, he or she is first asked to enter his or her child’s birth date and weeks premature. If you have provided a passcode, the caregivers will also be instructed to enter that passcode in order to access the questionnaires.

Once this information is entered, Family Access will generate the correct screening interval for the child and instruct the caregiver to print out a blank copy of the questionnaire to fill out with the child over the next week. It will also instruct the caregiver to return to the Family Access landing page to enter the information collected on the questionnaire for the child.

When the caregiver selects the link to enter their child’s screening information, they are instructed to enter the child’s demographic information and their own demographic information, as well as their relationship to the child.

The caregiver then enters the screening results and any notes that he or she may have recorded on the printed questionnaire into the online questionnaire. When finished, the caregiver clicks Submit and is directed to a “Thank You” page.

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