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7.3 Viewing a Screening

To view a screening:

1. Select Child Profiles from the top navigation menu.

2. Browse the Child Profiles list or search for a Child Profile.

3. Click on the child’s name to access his or her profile. 

4. Scroll down to the Child Screenings section of the Child Profile. The child’s 5 most recent screenings will be listed. To see all screenings for the child, click the View All tab next to the Child Screenings tab.

5. In the Child Screenings list under the “Questionnaire” column, click on the name of the screening that you would like to view.

6. If the screening is finalized you will automatically be brought to the Information Summary page for that screening. By clicking on the tabs to the left of the Summary tab, you may view item-by-item how the caregiver completed the screening along with any screening notes.  Screening notes can be edited from the Information Summary Sheet.

7. If you click on a screening that is in progress you will be able to view it but screening notes are not available until it is finalized.  

8. Select Return to Child’s Profile from the Quick Links section to select and view another screening.

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