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9.6 Screen Usage, by Program

The Screen Usage, by Program Report lists the number of users, number of child records, and number of screens used for each program within your account.

There are several options to choose from before generating this report. You can customize the report to show the screening usage of a specific program, or choose to run the report on all programs within your account. You can also customize this report by a date filter, which allows you to narrow the report by quarter or date range.

To generate the Screen Usage, by Program Report:

1.  Select Reports from the top navigation menu.

2.  Click on the report Screen Usage, by Program. You will be directed to the report generation page.

3.  Enter your report generation criteria (leave a field blank to include all):

a.  Program

b.  Date filter

                                     i. By Quarter (NOTE: By default, this report will run for all quarters unless you specify otherwise.) - Choose “All,”   “Q1,” “Q2,” “Q3,” or “Q4.”

                                     ii. By Range - Choose a date range.

4.  Click Generate Report. The page will display a "report status" while the report is being processed.

5.  Three report generation options will appear: Download PDF, Download CSV, and Preview Report.  Select the report option that you would like to generate. (See Section 9.1 Report Generation Options for more information on each format.)


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