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9.2 Searching All Screenings in Your Program

You can search for screenings in your program by questionnaire type, interval(s), Provider, status (NEW, Finalized, or In Progress), Screening date range, and Concern (Concern or No Concern).

To search for screenings in your program:

1.      On your Home page, click the View All tab next to the Screenings tab.


1.      Select Screening Management from the top navigation menu, and click the View All tab next to the Screenings tab.

2.      From the Screening Search section, you can use the following search fields to locate screenings. (NOTE: You can search using more than one search field at a time to narrow down your results.)

a.      Questionnaire type: Select either ASQ-3 English, ASQ-3 Spanish, ASQ:SE English, ASQ:SE Spanish, ASQ:SE-2 English or ASQ:SE-2 Spanish from the drop-down menu.

b.      Interval(s): Select the questionnaire interval. You can select multiple intervals at one time.

c.       Provider: Select the child’s Provider from the drop-down menu.

d.      Status: Select either NEW, Finalized, or In Progress from the drop-down menu.

e.      Screening date range: Enter a date range.

f.        Concern: Select the result of either Concern or No Concern from the drop-down menu.

3.      When finished selecting your search options, click the Search button. ASQ Online will pull up any results matching what you have selected in the search fields.

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