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9 Program Screenings

The Screenings page can be accessed via your Home page or the Screening Management page. The Screenings page provides you with a complete list of all screenings in your program and lists the child’s name, the questionnaire, the interval, the status, whether or not this screening came in through Family Access, the screening date, the name of the Provider who entered the screening, the name of the caregiver who completed the screening, and whether this screening was marked “Concern.”


You can use this page to quickly and easily locate children and their screenings, assign any pending Family Access screenings to a Provider, view the questionnaire in its entirety, and print or add a screening note to the Information Summary Sheet for a child.  In addition, if you are viewing a Spanish questionnaire you will have the option to view the screening in either English or Spanish however the Information Summary Sheet will print in the language of the original questionnaire.   


To access the Screenings page:


1.      On your Home page, click the View All tab next to the Screenings tab.


1.      Select Screening Management from the top navigation menu.

2.      Click the View All tab to the right of the Screenings tab.

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9.4 View the Child Profile & Questionnaire for a Screening
9.5 Print the Information Summary Sheet

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