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11 Family Access

Family Access is an online questionnaire completion system – an additional module that is seamlessly integrated with your ASQ Enterprise or Pro account for an additional subscription fee. Family Access allows programs to create websites where they can direct caregivers to complete screenings for their children online. Once accepted by you, the screens that were entered via Family Access automatically become part of your program screens. There is no additional data entry necessary to enter screening results. 

Articles in this section

11.1 Family Access Landing Page
11.2 A Caregiver's View of a Family Access Landing Page
11.3 Creating a Family Access Landing Page
11.4 Previewing, Editing, & Deleting a Family Access Landing Page
11.5 Copying & Pasting the Family Access URL
11.6 The Invitation Letter with URL
11.7 Child List
11.8 Accepting/Rejecting Screenings Submitted via Family Access
11.9 Assigning Pending Screenings to a Provider

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