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6 Managing Child Profiles

The Child Profiles page contains a list of Child Profiles that you, or other users, have added to the system. It also includes a section to search for Child Profiles.

Each child has their own individual Child Profile page. These pages include Caregiver Profiles,   and all screenings that have been entered into ASQ Online or accepted through Family Access for a child.

As Program Administrator, you can create Child and Caregiver Profiles, assign users access to Child Profiles, and view screenings that have been entered by Providers. (As Program Administrator, you do not have the ability to enter child screenings for children in your program, as only a Provider has access to that feature.)

Articles in this section
6.1 Adding a Child Profile
6.2 Searching for a Child Profile
6.3 Viewing the Child Profiles List
6.4 Viewing & Editing Child Profile Details
6.5 Archiving or Deleting a Child Profile
6.6 Child Profile Screenings
6.7 Viewing Tasks
6.8 Adding & Viewing Child Profile Notes
6.9 Caregivers
6.10 Child's Providers & Reviewers
6.11 Merging Child Profiles
6.12 Viewing a Child's Transfer History
6.13 Requesting Child Transfers (Pro account only)

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