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6.1 Adding a Child Profile

To add a new Child Profile to ASQ Online:


  1. Click the Add tab to the right of the Child Profiles tab on your Home page.


  1. Select the Child Profiles link from the top navigation menu.
  2. Select the Add Child Profile Quick Link.
  3. You will be directed to the Add Child Profile page. Fill out all required fields indicated by an asterisk [*], and any additional fields:
    1. First name*
    2. Middle name
    3. Last name*
    4. Alt.  ID (NOTE: The Alternate ID is an optional field. If your school or institution requires you to track the children you serve by unique identifiers, you may add these unique identifiers to the child’s profile.)
    5. Date of birth* (YYYY/MM/DD)
    6. Weeks premature* (if child was born 3 or more weeks prematurely)
    7. Gender*
    8. Birth weight
    9. Ethnicity (Choose an option from the scroll down menu.  To choose more than one option, hold the Ctrl button while clicking on the various ethnicities. For Mac users, hold the Command button while clicking on the various ethnicities.) 
    10. Address1*
    11. Address2
    12. Address3
    13. City*
    14. County/District
    15. State/Province*
    16. Zip/Postal Code*
    17. Country*
    18. Phone*
    19. Primary home language (Select an option from the drop-down menu.)
    20. Language(s) spoken in the home (Select an option from the drop-down menu.)
    21. Primary care physician
    22. Clinic/location/practice name
    23. Clinic address 1
    24. Clinic address 2
    25. Clinic address 3
    26. Clinic city
    27. Clinic state/province
    28. Clinic zip/postal code
    29. Clinic phone
    30. Clinic fax
    31. Clinic email
    32. Medical risk factors
    33. Environmental risk factors
    34. Medical conditions
    35. Other agencies involved with the child/family
    36. Caregiver consent on file (See Section 6.9.9 Uploading a Caregiver Consent Form for more information.)
    37. Date of admission to monitoring program (Format:  YYYY/MM/DD) (This field is required if you wish to use child’s tenure with screening preferences.)
  4. Click Save.

NOTE: If any required information was not entered or if any information was not entered correctly, an error message will occur. If an error message appears, make the specified corrections and then click Save.

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