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6.8 Adding & Viewing Child Profile Notes

You can add notes regarding a child to his or her profile. These notes can be viewed by all Providers assigned to the child.

To add a Child Profile note:


  1. Select Child Profiles from the top navigation menu.
  2. Browse the Child Profiles list or search for a Child Profile.
  3. Click on the child’s name to access his or her profile. 
  4. Click on the Add tab next to the Child Profile Notes tab.


  1. Select the Add Note Quick Link.
  2. On the Add Note page:
    1. Enter the “Subject” of the note.
    2. Select the “Note type” from the drop-down menu. Your options are: Reminder, Medical History, Family Status, Referral, Assessment, Intervention, Observation, Concern, Program Status, and Other.
    3. Enter the text of the note in the “Description” text box.
  3. Click Save.


To view Child Profile notes, click on the subject of the note from the Child Profile Notes list. From there you can view, edit, or delete the note. 

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