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9.5 Print the Information Summary Sheet

To print an Information Summary Sheet from the Screenings page:

1.      On your Home page, click the Print link under the Print Summary Sheet column for the child in the recent Screenings list.


1.      On your Home page, click the View All tab next to the Screenings tab.


1.      Select Screening Management from the top navigation menu, and click the View All tab next to the Screenings tab.

2.      Under the Screenings section, locate the child whose Information Summary Sheet you would like to print.

3.      Select the checkbox for the child’s name or select all, and click the Print Summaries button at the top.

4.      If a single information summary is requested a pop-up window will appear and you can choose to open the file to print or save it to your computer. 

     If multiple summaries are requested both a Zip file and PDF file are generated.  The file can be found once generated under Recent Print Runs in the Quick Links menu.

5.      Screening notes are located at the top of the Information Summary Sheet.  They can be edited on the Information Summary Sheet and when printing the Information Summary Sheet they will appear on the upper right side of the PDF document.

6.  If a screening is in progress an error will appear and it will not be included in PDF document.

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