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9.1 Managing Your Screening Program

ASQ Online is referred to as an “online management system” for ASQ because instead of managing the administration of ASQ questionnaires, the results, and any follow-up decisions you make on paper, ASQ Online allows you to manage all components of ASQ within the system itself.


The online management system that is ASQ Online helps you capture and perform a process. The central part of this process is conducting an ASQ screening. ASQ Online helps you prepare for and conduct a screening, gives you access to resources you can use to interpret the screening results and make a follow-up decision, and allows you to schedule follow-up tasks (including sending results to parents or physicians and scheduling another screening in the appropriate time frame).


By using the system to its fullest potential, the screening and referral process becomes seamless, and you are left with an electronic record of all actions you’ve taken and decisions you’ve made pertaining to any one child or group of children in your program.

The ASQ Online management process is a circular one. The decisions you would typically make when using ASQ on paper are the same decisions you should make when working within ASQ Online. Your professional judgment should guide your actions. The online management system simply aids in the screening process, helping you keep track of information and reminding you to complete important tasks. 


Once you have set up your program, you can manage your program through the following sections of ASQ Online:

Sections in Part II Managing Your Screening Program

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