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9 Reports

Not only does ASQ Online have powerful features that make it easy to record, score, and track ASQ screenings, it also enables users to quickly generate reports for individual children, individual programs, and/or groups of children across multiple programs.

As a Provider, there are a handful of reports that you can generate, pulling together aggregate data from one or all of the children assigned to you.

The following reports are available to you within the Reports page:

Articles in this Section

9.1 Report Generation Options
9.2 Recent Reports
9.3 Report Guidelines
9.4 Screening Tasks Status, by Date
9.5 Screening Status Summary
9.6 ASQ-3 Screening Scores
9.7 ASQ-3 Screening Results, by Child
9.8 ASQ-3 Aggregate Results, by Category
9.9 ASQ:SE/ASQ:SE-2 Screening Scores
9.10 ASQ:SE/ASQ:SE-2 Screening Results, by Child
9.11 ASQ:SE/ASQ:SE-2 Aggregate Results

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