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4.6 Custom Tasks

As Program Administrator, you have the ability to create custom tasks. Creating your own task type allows you to schedule tasks that are consistent with the procedures and/or terminology used to manage your program.

Only the Program Administrator can create a custom task. Once a custom task has been created, it will appear at the bottom of the “Task type” drop-down menus within Screening Management, and are available to all users within the program.

To create a custom task:

1.      Select Program from the top navigation menu.

2.      On the Program page, scroll down to the Custom Tasks section and click the Add tab.


1.      Select the Add Custom Task Quick Link.

2.      You will be taken to the Custom Tasks page. From this page, you can create the custom task as well as view a list of any custom tasks that have already been created.

3.      Under the Add Custom Task Type section, type the name of the task into the box next to “Label.” (NOTE: The maximum character length for the name of the task type is 40 characters.)

4.      Click the Save  button.


NOTE: Labeling a custom task type with the word “screen” or “screening” will NOT link that task to any ASQ Online reports. The system will only track screenings that are already included in the Screening Tasks section: Screening, and Screening, Family Access. Please use the word “screen” or “screening” with caution. 

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