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6.1 Adding a Program User

As Account Administrator, you can add Program Administrators, Providers, and Reviewers to programs within your account.  

To add a new program user:
  1. Select Programs from the top navigation menu. 
  2. Locate and select the name of the program to which you would like to add a program user. You will be directed to the Program Details page. 
  3. Click the Add tab next to Recent Program Users, or select the Add Program User Quick Link. 
  4. Enter the following profile information for the program user. Items marked with an asterisk [*] are required.  
a. Prefix
b. First name*
c. Last name*
d. Position (Choose the appropriate position from the menu.)
e. Job title
f. Address1
g. Address2
h. Address3
i. City
j. County/District
k. State/Province*
l. Zip/Postal code*
m. Country*
n. Phone*
o. Mobile phone
p. Mobile carrier  
q. Fax
r. Email*
s. Role* (Select "Program Administrator," "Provider," and/or "Reviewer" from the drop-down menu.) 
t.Program (Program name is provided and not editable.)
u.Username* (See note, below.)

6. Once you have entered the profile information for the program user, click the Save  button.

Once you click Save, an email will automatically be generated by ASQ Online, and sent to the new user at the email address that you just entered into his or her user profile. That email will contain a link that will allow the new user to create his or her own password and then login to ASQ Online.

NOTE: To avoid confusion, it is highly suggested that each username you create for a new user be a combination of that person’s first initial + last name (e.g., I’m adding an Program Administrator named Nancy Lemon--I will enter her username as: nlemon).

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