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6.2 Searching for & Viewing Program Users

To search for a user and view a user profile:  
  1. Select Programs from the top navigation menu. 
  2. Locate and select the name of the program from which you would like to search for a user, and click on the program name. 
  3. Select the Search Program Users Quick Link. 
  4. Search for program users by entering information in any of the following search fields: Last name, First name, Role. (You may enter more than one field to narrow your search.) 
  5. Click Search.   
Once you have located the user you are looking for, click on the user’s name to view the individual user’s profile. 
NOTE: When searching by first or last name, entering in a single letter will yield search results that contain that letter (e.g., if you enter "k "in the  first name field, you will return results for each user who has a "k" in his or her first name, such as Kim and Derrick).

TIP: By simply selecting "Provider" from the "Role" drop-down menu, you can easily generate a list of all Providers in the program. This works for each ASQ Online role. 

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