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4.2 Subscriptions

The second tabbed section on the Account page is Subscriptions. This is where your ASQ Online subscription information is listed.

There are four types of subscriptions within ASQ Online: 
Within the Subscriptions section of your Account page is a brief description of each subscription you have purchased, including subscription type, billing cycle, start and end dates, screens allocated, screens used, and total screens cost for the subscription period.

4.2.1 Subscription Details  

To view a subscription in greater detail, click on the name of the subscription type within the Subscription section of your Account page. This will take you to the Subscription Details page, which has two sections with details for that subscription.  

The first tab on the Subscription Details page contains the following information about your subscription:
The second tab on the Subscription Details page is the Screens List. This section provides you with an itemized list of the allocated screen types that populate your account. This list shows the screen type, count, date allocated, and who at Brookes allocated the screening. There are two types of screens that can show up in this section: free screens and prepaid screens.
To view the screens allocated in further detail, click the screens type from the Screens List tab, and you will be taken to a page that details the allocation of that group of screens.

NOTE: At the end of the subscription year, a remaining balance of prepaid screens will be credited to the following year’s subscription. Any unused prepaid screens will expire at the end of the second subscription year.  

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