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5.10 Child's Providers & Reviewers

A Provider has access to entering child screenings into ASQ Online. Providers must be assigned to a child profile before they are able to enter screenings for a child.  The provider can be assigned automatically to the child profile if the provider adds the child profile herself.  The provider can also be assigned to the child profile by the Program Administrator. 

Reviewers can also be assigned to child profiles by the Program Administrator.  When a child is assigned to a Reviewer, that user will be able to see child identifying data when running reports in the ASQ Online system. If a Reviewer is not assigned to a child, they will not see any child identifying data when running reports, and will instead see “[hidden]” where the child name would be.

Reviewers do not have access to child profiles, they can simply see identified and/or de-identified child profile data within the reports they generate.

You can view a full list of the child’s Providers and Reviewers on their Child Profile page.

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