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5.5 Removing a Child Profile

If a child leaves your program, you may wish to remove the child’s profile, so the child no longer shows up in your reports.  Only the Program Administrator can delete a Child Profile.

By removing a Child Profile, you are excluding that child and his or her screenings and tasks from any reports you may want to generate. Removing a child does not delete that child’s profile, it simply removes the child from having you as a Provider.

To remove a Child Profile:

  1. Select Child Profiles from the top navigation menu.
  2. Browse the Child Profiles list or search for a Child Profile.
  3. Click on the child’s name to access his or her profile.
  4. To remove the Child Profile:
    1. Click Remove next to the Child Profile Details tab.
    2. You will receive a pop up warning with the following information:  "You are removing this child profile from your Provider role. This child profile will not be deleted from the program, but you will no longer have access to this child profile. Are you sure?"
    3. Click OK to continue or Cancel to cancel the action.

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